WC_press_release_headerAnnouncing Whisky Connoisseur® – The Ultimate Travel Accessory for Whisky Lovers.

Whisky Connoisseur® Travel Kits allow you to Sip, Save and Savour while drinking responsibly. First conceived in a “Eureka moment” to save precious spirits from going down the drain at his club’s whisky tastings, Whisky Connoisseur® Founder and President, Ken Jaremco, developed the perfect way to bottle up the extra drams that were being left on the table.

“My wonderful wife generously drives us to events so I can enjoy the whiskies without worrying about keeping under the legal limit, but that means she can only have a tiny sip herself. And what about those folks who attend club events alone and live too far away to take a cab home? Then, the solution dawned on us: we need to bottle up the extra whisky that we are leaving on the table. Eureka! Whisky Connoisseur® was born.”

Using their fellow West Coast Whisky Club members as an eager focus group, the Jaremcos developed a series of prototypes and quickly discovered this was a unique niche that needed to be filled. The response was overwhelming. Most of the feedback was focused towards responsible drinking: sharing a dram at an event and packaging up the majority to sip in the comfort of home.

Ken and Lou worked painstakingly to develop a kit worthy of the concept of a whisky connoisseur and to pay homage to whisky history and its skilled producers. Each component was built on a central theme of connoisseur quality and how each subtle nuance would contribute to the overall feeling when tasting whisky with friends.

Finally, after fine-tuning the details over many shared drams, three unique Whisky Connoisseur® kits were perfected, each suited for different situations: the Travel Kit, which comes in Deluxe Leather or stylish and rugged Duck Cotton Canvas; the Share-A-Dram Kit, ideal for transporting spirits to share with friends; and the Master Class Kit, perfect for when you attend a tasting or distillery tour and don’t want to leave any of the special sips behind.

Feedback to the Whisky Connoisseur® kits has been extraordinarily positive. “Many folks say that the kits are such a simple idea yet so useful,” Ken Jaremco explains. “Whether at a club tasting event or a whisky festival with master classes, you can enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded aficionados without compromising your gentlemanly/ladylike ethics or behaviour. The kits are a godsend. Not a single drop of the precious spirit goes down the drain. Good for the environment, good for the pocket book, good for the conscience and good for the soul.”

Each kit includes pharmaceutical-grade glass bottles with stoppers, a self-venting, no-spill funnel, and a Sample Ledger Booklet with perforated pages. The travel kits feature imported Glencairn® tasting glasses, and the Deluxe Leather kit includes a handsome Whisky Connoisseur® Tasting Journal with handy “Tips to Tasting Whisky” written by Ken Jaremco, perfect for rookie whisky tasters as well as those with more experience.

With the launch of the Whisky Connoisseur® series, the Jaremcos’ original “simple idea” is now set to transform the niche whisky accessories market. It is the perfect travel buddy to pack along on a fishing trip, for the cabin après ski, after golf in your AirBnB, on a business trip, or even for a picnic in your own town. Bottle a dram of your favourite whiskies and tuck the kit into your luggage or travel gear—Whisky Connoisseur® kits are multi-functional, meant to be taken along anywhere and everywhere for a taste of home away from home.

Here are some testimonials that speak to Whisky Connoisseur®’s utility and convenience:

“I can’t imagine a better way to travel with, share and/or enjoy whisky than with my Whisky Connoisseur® kits. They really are ‘a Dram come true.’”
– Dave Mason, President, West Coast Whisky Society

“Great idea and great kit – I never realized how much I needed this until I got one! It is now in regular use to swap whiskies with friends and family, allowing us to ‘try before we buy’ any new whisky or to trade some of the more elite whiskies from our collections. It also goes on distillery tours—very useful for when generous measures are on offer (e.g. Lagavulin Warehouse Tour) as it allows me to taste some and take some home—and, when taking my turn at the driving, I just bottle the full samples to enjoy later. The ledger and tags make it simple to ensure that nothing gets mixed up. This kit makes a wonderful present for any keen whisky drinker.”
– Ian R, North East England.

Needless to say, these kits are the ideal gift for the whisky connoisseur in your life. Perfect for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays or Christmas, or as a special gift for someone who is going on a “bucket list” trip to visit distilleries in Scotland, Whisky Connoisseur® solves that age-old dilemma of what to buy for “someone who has everything.”

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Priced from 30.00 to 200.00 USD

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Ken Jaremco is available to be interviewed about the Whisky Connoisseur® series. Please contact him by email to arrange a telephone or in-person interview. Photos are available upon request.

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